Member Spotlight: Fox Jump Cinematics

Fox Jump Cinematics

Utah boy meets California girl……



“We are Purveyors of Immersion”. I like that. That’s how Colton Duncan described what he does. Engage those he is filming in such a way as to allow them to fully experience the moment (of their wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other life celebration you can think of) to the fullest.

I met Colton Duncan and Jessa Ripley at Scout Coffee in SLO to talk about FOX JUMP CINEMATICS. It was a fun conversation. They laugh easily, smile incessantly and make you feel very, very relaxed.

After getting their history: Utah boy, meets California girl in 2015 while working together on the Central Coast.

They become friends immediately. Because 1: they both share a certain amount of contempt for the movie Jurassic World (you really should go to their website and read why). And 2: they both have and have always had an avid interest in film

Overtime they become a couple, and ultimately business partners. FOX JUMP CINEMATICS business partners.


Colton was always fascinated with the cinematic arts; growing up the magic of what Disney Studios did both intrigued and inspired him. He has always had an intuitive sense of how best to capture a moment on film, how to save it for the generations that follow.

Jessa is a organizer, planner, creative dreamer. Together they know just how “put people in positions where real moments can happen”.

That is why they are so successful; that is why they are so sought after. You really should check out their work. You will probably want to become their client; at the very least you will want to become their friend.

Post written by Rick Comstock, Avow Ceremonies

FOX JUMP CINEAMACTICS is located at 2082 Harris Street in San Luis Obispo.

“Put people in positions where real moments can happen!”

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