Member Spotlight: Flora and Fauna Fine Food

Rabbit Choir (Bay Area Rock & Roll band) never had a hit, unless you count Maggie Maroon; but they were (unknowingly) instrumental in helping create one.

It is 1991 and Bay Area girl Tamara Ardron and Ohio native Heidi Hornikel both find themselves living and working in San Francisco.  They are fans of the band and friends with some of its members. They soon become fans of and friends with each other.

In part because they share an absolute PASSION for all things culinary.  Heidi dreamed of being a chef at age 12, was cooking at a fine restaurant in Shelby, Ohio by age 16 and attended and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, after High School. 

Tamara spent years managing Health Food stores and working as a chefs and trainer at a series of four and five star restaurants in the City by the Bay.

In 2008 Tamara relocated to the Central Coast.  Heidi remained in San Francisco.  The distance didn’t diminish their friendship in the least or dim the dream they both had of owning their own full service catering business.    

In 2014 Heidi and her family came to Five-Cities.  That same year she and Tamara breathed Flora and Fauna Fine Food into existence.

They started with nothing.  Well, that’s not quite true.  They did have that PASSION I mentioned earlier, and a boat load to PURE TALENT.  You could also add to the mix their unmatched CULINARY CREATIVITY, and LOVE OF PEOPLE.

Tamara and Heidi are stewards of the Earth and its resources and practice “environmental sustainability”.  They specialize in Global Cuisine, custom write every menu for each event, and offer full service catering anywhere along the Central Coast (and sometimes beyond). 

As culinary artists they are the best.   AS PEOPLE THEY ARE EVEN BETTER!


Flora and Fauna Fine Food is located at 816 East Grand Avenue in Arroyo Grande.  You can reach them at:



Phone/Heidi: 805-627-2269

Phone/Tami: 510-387-4355


Post by Rick Comstock, Avow Ceremonies


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