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That is the more than just the ‘tag line’ for ERIKSEN and SOREN DICKENS business.  It is their passion.

Telling stories is what they do.

Learning and telling yours is what they do BEST!

ERIKSEN and SOREN are small town boys who grew up in ‘The Cowboy Capital of the World’, Oakdale, Ca. 

They grew up in wide open spaces. 

Grew up playing sports and being coached by their father. 

Grew up with a curiosity about movies and how to make them.

ERIKSEN started at age 11 making movies, by hauling a video camera around, creating scenes with costumes and props, and shooting  a script they’d write themselves.

Since they were both prolific athletes (Eriksen a star on the diamond/baseball;’ Soren a star in the pool/swimming) a lot of their early film work centered around sports. But as they grew, learned more about film making and nurtured their passion to tell stories on film they expanded their subject matter. 

Now they create commercials for businesses, music videos, and documentaries.  Oh, yeah and they also FILM WEDDINGS!  Brilliantly!

They do exactly what they promise – tell the story of the Bride and Groom on what is the best day of their life. They tell it in a meaningful and memorable way.  Because they have a great eye and great heart for what they do.

You can contact Eriksen and Soren at:




Written by Rick Comstock, Avow Ceremonies



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