Member Spotlight: Napoli Photography

Every picture tells a story, usually more than one. Which in effect makes photographers, story tellers.

And that being the case, one of the VERY BEST storytellers along the Central Coast is Linda Napoli of NAPOLI PHOTOGRAPHY.

Her pictures are works of art, that capture more than the moment, but the emotion of it.  With camera in hand she tracks down every brilliant and breathtaking shot at every event she shoots.

Linda is a Arizona native, whose family came to California (Santa Inez) when she was sixteen. She had an interesting and to say the least, challenging childhood, fraught with lots of difficulty and disappointment. 

But those hardships only severed to temper in her an understanding of and compassion for others.  She CARES.  For her work and for people, which is obvious in what she does and how she does it. 

She fell in love with photography as a kid, learned the nuances of the profession growing up, developed her craft as a young adult and turned her dream of becoming a professional photographer into reality in 2011. 

She is a wife to husband Danny, an ‘AMAZING’ mom to their two kids – Alison, and Eli, a community volunteer and the keeper of their family zoo, namely goats. 

She does photo shoots of, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, babies, families, nature and commercial products.  She is kind, creative and engaging and the person you want to call if you have a story to tell and want it told in pictures.

She can be reached at:

Phone: 805-888-9132




Written by Rick Comstock, Avow Ceremonies


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