Vendor Spotlight: Bessy the Foto Bus

You have probably never met anyone quite like Desiree Cobbs.  I know I hadn’t.   Dez reminds me of ‘a low flying aircraft off in the distance, even though you can’t yet see it you know it is coming’. 

Dez has a BIG personality and a busload of energy. She smilies a lot, laughs easily and can’t seem to sit still. In her early 20’s Dez was a professional cyclist, whose speciality was hill climbing – think Tour De France.  She still possesses that same spirit, strength and stamina today.  

Only now she drives instead of riding.  

As the founder of and force behind BESSYTHEFOTOBUS she tours up and down the State, bringing BESSY (a 1966 VW Westfalia Van) to all sorts of celebratory events:  birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, class reunions, graduations, proms, and of course, WEDDINGS.

BESSY (who is named after Dez’s grandmother) can accomodate five to six smiling faces at a time for photos.  She will soon be joined by PEARL (1954 Bellwood Camper Trailer).  Together they will continue to help people convert moments into memories.

Dez is a Southern California girl who, with her husband Calvin moved to the Central Coast in 1989.  He gifted BESSY to Dez in 2015, and after a some cosmetic work (new photo ready interior,  and exterior paint); they went to work.  

Dez had careers in both Corporate Event Management and as a Nursing Supervisor.  You will often find her tooling around on her 1960, 200cc push start Vespa Scooter, or cruising along in her 1963 VW Double Cab.

If you want FUN and MEMORABLE way for your guests to capture a special event.  Give BESSY (and Dez) a call.  You can get them on the horn at 805-710-6351.  

Or reach them via their:


Written by Rick Comstock, Avow Ceremonies


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