Member Spotlight: Amanda Holder Events

FIRST IMPRESSIONS are important.  In life and in business. First impressions can initiate a friendship, or establish a partnership.

AMANDA HOLDER makes a great first impression.  It’s her smile.  Her confidence.  The genuine interest she shows in you as you talk with her. It is a whole host of things that make you want to be her friend, or do business with her. 

Amanda is a Central California girl, born and raised in Carmel. Grew up in a home that was always the gathering place for friends and family, the center point of every important event or celebration. Grew up learning how to organize and orchestrate a good time for groups of people.

After a 15 year career as a corporate event planner crafting and promoting large scale events for the entities like the PGA Tour, IMG Worldwide, NBC and CBS television; Amanda ’s passion and personality led to the creation of Amanda Holder Events.  Since 2013 she has been using her imagination and creativity to help make every occasion or event special.

Amanda’s motto is, ‘Let the beauty we love be what we do,” Rumi.   The fact that she loves what she does, especially working with couples, is reflected in the way she engages her clients, discovers their hopes for their wedding and then exceeds them.

She is like the conductor of a symphony orchestra, artfully directing every player (vendor) to their best performance; the result of which is a wedding day masterpiece of laughter, joy and memories. 

Amanda is the founder of The Wedding Space a collaborative workspace for wedding professionals in San Luis Obispo and co-founder of the SLO Wedding Planners, a networking group, designed to help raise the standard of service in the industry. She is the recipient of a number of prestigious wedding industry awards, the most recent of which is “Best Wedding Planner in San Luis Obispo County” as voted by California Wedding Day Magazine.

If you are looking for a Wedding or Event Planner to help fashion and facilitate a fun, enjoyable and memorable event, you will want to contact Amanda and her team: Julie, Lauren, Katie and Martha (Mom).

She can be reached at:


Phone: 559-320-5927




Written by Rick Comstock, Avow Ceremonies