Member Spotlight: Paul Howell

The old adage is: “He’s the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet”. Well, I finally met him.

His name is Paul Howell and he is a Wedding Officiant (and so much more)

who lives in Paso Robles and travels everywhere performing weddings, or as he says, “Putting voice to the unspoken love couples have.”  He is REALLY good at that.

Paul is a native of Northern California.  After being honorably discharged from the United States Navy, he took a job in a sewing machine shop.  He loved the problem solving aspects of the work and being a real “people person”, the personal interactions with the customer.  That temporary job turned into a full time vocation of 38 years.  He is the owner and operator of Howell’s Sewing Machine Repair, in Paso Robles.

A number of years ago Paul faced what he calls “adversity in his marriage”.  He and his wife Kate did a lot of hard work individually and on their relationship and rebuilt their marriage into a vibrant love affair.  It was after that time (2007) that a friend asked him to create and perform her wedding ceremony.  That opportunity inspired Paul to become a Wedding Officiant.

Paul brings everything he loves and has learned about life to the creation and performance of his ceremonies for couples.  His personal motto is to show “no ill will in speech or actions, but to demonstrate loving kindness, goodness and benevolence to everyone, in every situation”.  His kind spirit, calm demeanor and genuine interest in the well-being of others makes him one of the most popular and in demand officiants along the Central Coast.

Aside from being a Wedding Officiant and business owner, Paul also has a dynamic daily meditation practice where he spends at least an hour each morning sitting quietly, cultivating well-being for himself and others.

If you are looking for an Officiant to help make your Wedding day special and your ceremony memorable, you need to contact Paul:

He can be reached at:



Phone #: 805-540-9294