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I Love Weddings! Weddings allow me to be at the starting line of a marriage; to share in the best day (or one of the best days) of a couple’s lives. As a former Pastor (retired) and active Police Chaplain I have performed over five hundred wedding ceremonies; both traditional and contemporary, religious and non-religious, for couples from different religious or ethnic backgrounds, for couples young (teens) and not so young (eighties), for couples marrying for the first or second or third time. I bring excellence, experience and creativity to the process of helping couples navigate through the decisions they must make in regards to their vows. My sense of humor and calm demeanor serve to make the bride, groom and wedding party feel very much at ease before and during the ceremony.

I look forward to speaking with you and to the possibility of sharing in your special day.
"Marriages are like marathons, they cn be both exhilarating and exhausting;  but they are worth running, especially when you run them with the person you love most!"
- Rick Comstock -


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